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Epiphone Les Paul Signature - 1999

By Epiphone

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This is a more than respectable nod to the Les Paul Signatures known for their off-set archtop design. I have to say that this guitar sounds surprisingly good- the pickups give you heaps of tonal options but aren’t just a case of quantity; they have a great tone on the more traditional setting and the variations all sound delightful. There’s a sound that is a little brighter and more transparent that reminds me of a good 70’s ES-335, and then there’s some more P90 like tones as well! I’m impressed! The gold paint job is cool, the neck is comfortable, like a slightly fat Les Paul neck, and there’s a little bit of weight in the tail which feels when using a guitar strap. You don’t see many of these around anymore, and this one is very good condition. Comes with its original Epiphone hard case.







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