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Epiphone The AirScreamer Caravan Guitar - 2003

By Epiphone


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Imagine driving down to that nice beachy location at a caravan park somewhere around the coast and then sitting out the front of your cool old Viscount or Jayco, playing this thing!  Imagine the looks you’d get?  I thought I’d seen everything guitar-wise but, yes, I was wrong, again. I wasn’t sure what I could say about this that the pics wouldn’t say first but actually it plays great and I do like the tone!  I did think the active EMG pickups, which are great for metal and rock, would be too full-on for this eloquent guitar but I was surprised to hear a crystal-clear clean tone emanating from my amp’s speaker which was a pleasant surprise. On further inspection, it appears they are passive EMG's! Cool! And yes, with a bit of dirt, it scrubbed up real well.  This guitar makes one hell of a cool and quirky statement!  I would venture to say that whoever designed it was trying to tell their boss that they really needed a holiday!  It has a bit of weight to it (probably the full gas bottle), the output jack could possibly be mistaken for the shower/toilet drainage outlet and I love the Tele-style volume knob which doubles as the centre of the wheel; very neat. If you like interesting guitars and want to turn heads, especially while you’re on holiday, this just might the guitar for you!  Comes with its original grey “The AirScreamer” gig bag.

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