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Erlewine Chiquita Travel Guitar Natural - 1993

By Erlewine Guitars


Sorry, this product is sold out!

This little guitar is has a body the size of a butternut pumpkin and probably weighs less over all! It’s heaps of fun to play, feels like a quality instrument despite its toy-like size and has some thoughtful design appointments. It’s hard to put down! The brainchild of Mark Erlewine (Dan’s cousin) and Billy Gibbons, this little beauty hails from Austin, Texas where it’s handmade at Erlewine guitars. This one was bought brand new in 1993 from one of our good customers (and his Son, see pic). If you’ve seen the film “Back to the Future” you would have seen Michael J Fox play that preposterous, speaker-smashing “power” chord using one of these guitars! It’s a great, very useable guitar and an awesome little travel companion. If you happen to own a DeLorean then you may want this to throw on the passenger seat on your next drive!  Oh, it’s been autographed by Mark Erlewine too. No case.

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