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Fender 25th Anniversary Stratocaster - 1979

By Fender

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These are a fascinating model - a particular run where the paint crazed up dramatically and they were actually recalled, pretty much like most American cars of the day!  They have become sought after, so much so, that this particular guitar can be found in the Fender Book by Bacon & Day (Page 42)!  Aside from that, it sounds the business! Twangy maple neck Strat tones backed by a medium profile neck and nicely weighted body. The tone epitomizes classic Strats across the selections and it’s one hell of a vibe packed guitar! It does all of those 70’s Strat sounds confidently and with its own sparkle. A really unique and cool Strat!  There is a route under the guard but everything else looks correct. The one unfortunate thing about this guitar is; the paint is falling off!  Look on the bright side, if someone steals your guitar, you can follow the snail trail to where it is!  Comes with its OHSC.

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