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Fender ’59 Bassman LTD Reissue Amp - 2013

By Fender

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Over the years small amps have grown in popularity, but some things don’t change; nothing sounds as good as a Fender Bassman with a nice guitar plugged in!  Contrary to popular belief you can get a good tone out of these without pushing them too much, courtesy of the presence knob and the options of the two channels, not to mention patching. But if you get a chance to crank one up at a rehearsal or gig... there are things this amp will do that no small combo can keep up with! The bottom end, mellow compressed tops and syrupy mids are what made these amps famous! Then you can start putting pedals in the mix and who knows what can happen! The lacquered tweed amp covering makes this a showpiece before you even turn it on. A great package and a beautiful classic reissue amp!


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