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Fender American Standard Stratocaster - 1988

By Fender

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This Strat has been really well looked after but I dare say has been played a lot and well maintained. The second I plugged it in i was inspired - gorgeous warm tones from the neck, mellow mids in combination with the middle, absolutely sweet tones with the middle isolated and anything to do with the bridge will bring you pristine Strat tones! The guitar looks and feels the way it sounds, just superb! The neck is a perfect shape somewhere between a C and a D in my humble opinion (no it’s not a c#)!  It’s a medium weight but feels light due to a lovely balance. A perfect well aged but well cared for Strat. This one has one of the batch of 1984 decals on the headstock but the neck date is 1988.  Comes with its original hard shell case.



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