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Fender Custom Shop 1954 Stratocaster 50th Anniversary Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka - 2004

By Fender


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A beautifully-made Custom Shop Masterbuilt ‘54 Strat made by Fender Master Builder, Dennis Galuszka. The first thing that grabs me on this one is the neck; a wonderful U shape with rounded-off edges, so it feels like a worn-in vintage guitar, nicely built and reliced. Frets are vintage size with a 7.25” radius and show slight wear. The body on this one is also eye-grabbing with a knot in the ash wood that kinda looks like the eye of a storm!  I haven't seen one that interesting before. These reissues have amazing attention to original spec details and were packed with goodies like; accurate short-skirt knobs, rounded-off pickup covers, bigger pickup pole-pieces like the Alnico 3 magnets that were used originally, the ever-cool “football” switch-tip and the serial number impressed on the rear cavity cover; these are some of the extra lengths they went to make this 50th Anniversary guitar as close as possible to the originals.  How to describe the sound and feel of this example? The slightly thicker neck contributes to a slightly meatier tone, but nicely balanced pickups make for a very pleasant tone that is clear and bell-like. There’s a bit more presence in the mids and a subtle wool to the top-end that makes for a great tone-full guitar to dig into! The relic job is one of the more than convincing and even the fade and colouring around the decal looks spot-on!  We Usually see Custom Shop guitars in near-mint condition and unplayed but it’s nice to see one that’s been played and gigged by its original owner. Weight, by the way, is an agreeable 7.9 lbs.  A one-owner guitar with heaps of case candy including the original strap, bridge cover, owner’s manual, polish cloth, sticker, 5 way switch and the all-important COA. It comes with its original thermometer case that someone has painted the top. (see pic). This is a cracker Custom Shop Masterbuilt Strat!

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