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Fender Custom Telecaster Sunburst - 1971

By Fender

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Oh my, what do we have here? That was my reaction the second I plugged this guitar in.  It has that gorgeous springy, warm tone in the neck position, slick and woody twang in combination and completely rips up the pavement in the bridge position! You can’t build a guitar that will match the character of this gorgeously aged yet impeccably well looked after Custom Telecaster. It has a nice weight, not heavy, not super light but nicely balanced. The double-bound body looks amazing with a tiny bit of binding rot but no big chunks missing. Even not plugged in, this guitar has a chimey, bell-like tone! The neck is a standard early 70’s chunky-in-the-hand style with the rosewood board option and very comfortable. It plays great courtesy of a pro refret, with vintage size frets, from our good mate Jim Cargill. Everything is correct on this one and it’s been extremely well-looked after. It’s a fantastic guitar and we are looking forward to watching the face of anyone who picks it up! Comes with OHSC.



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