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Fender Jaguar 1964, Sunburst

By Fender

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1964 Fender Jaguar.  Every now and then a really great Jag will turn up and present itself as a supreme example of what a Jag is meant to be. This is one of those guitars!  Neck is amazing; years of playing has worn the back of this neck to perfection!  Pickups are outstanding; pure Jaguar chime! An exquisite-looking tortoise-shell pickguard (Don’t look into this for too long as you will be totally hypnotized like I was!) and a dirty, worn and beaten original sunburst finish!  Can’t ask for much more, in my opinion!  This Jag is a cracker and deserves to be played and loved!  Now down to the minimal changes on this one; it’s had a pro refret and plays great!  It once had Schaller tuners but has original Kluson tuners back on. It has a few small filled holes in the headstock; not sure, maybe a type of string tree was on here before. It has a vintage Fender Mustang bridge on it, that works a treat!  The body has numerous dings and arm wear (Just what we like!) and a small crack glue up around the top horn (Don’t worry; it didn’t break off!).  These are all minimal things and don’t detract from this awesome guitar! Comes with OHSC. (Original Hard Shell Case)


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