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Fender Jaguar Natural Refin - 1964

By Fender

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This Jaguar certainly has quite a wild roar! It’s ragged and mean and at the same time it’s slick and sweet. I always like guitars that have been rubbed back, I mean, I’m sure a blind test might come back inconclusive but I could swear they sound different without the paint. This guitar certainly shakes from head to tail! The pickups on this one are particularly warm with a very tight mid-range that is consistent across the usual variables within the pickups, telling me the body and neck have a lot of input here. This is a really cool guitar for that fact alone! The neck is nice and round feeling and overall the guitar is in awesome shape for its age!   It has consequential marks and bumps but no gouging on the body and neck.  I’m assuming that whoever refinished this guitar, back in the day, cut all the original wires to take off all the parts; they have since been soldered back together. Apart from that, it’s all there and is a cracker guitar and an incredible one to play too!  Comes with reissue Fender brown tolex case.


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