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Fender Jazzmaster Olympic White Refin - 1959

By Fender

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These early Jazzmasters are amazing; slab-board necks, black bottom pickups, awesome tortoise-shell pickguards and just heaps and heaps of pure vintage tone!  (Yes; you can tell I’m a fan!) The original black bottom pickups in this one sound beautiful; nice and sweet, with a dark, full-bodied tone to them.  In the middle position the hum is cancelled and they ring like a bell!  This old beast had a pretty cool Olympic White refin done some time ago and a small hole filled in the pickguard near the output jack (really hard to see).

Playability is excellent with a pro-refret at some stage and there’s still plenty of meat on the frets. Comes with a brown reissue Fender HSC.



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