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Fender MIJ FSR Hybrid 60’s Telecaster Sea Foam Green - 2019

By Fender

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This is a nice Japanese-made, FSR (Fender Special Run) 60’s Tele in Sea Foam Green. Condition is very clean, set-up is real good. Features are; alder body, Sea Foam Green finish, locking tuners, rosewood fretboard, a 4-position pickup switcher, offering the usual Telecaster positions plus an option of both pickups in series and Vintage ’58 pickups. Quite a lot going on there actually. Another small feature is the tone control; it’s very responsive. The finish is the grabber though; it’s sitting to my right and I keep turning my head and looking at it, so it’s definitely got something going on! Nice and light at 7.8 lbs.  All in all; a great Tele! Comes with its original gig bag.

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