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Fender Standard Telecaster Black/Maple Neck MIM - 2018

By Fender

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Mexican Telecasters rock; I don’t care what anyone says! This one is a nice weight. It’s on the lighter side of weighty. It has been used in a professional touring outfit and it feels well played in (which I like) and has a few minor battles scars as well (which I also like!).  I made the mistake of changing the pickups on my own Mexican Tele and I regretted it, as these ones sound warm and airy with nice Telecaster zing! Just what I miss! Standard Telecaster neck but perhaps slightly slim when compared with your U shape necks on older telecasters. A ripper guitar!  This guitar was used in the musical production of Jersey Boys and we have two of them in stock.  Comes with an SKB hard shell case.


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