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Fender Stratocaster - 1963

By Fender


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Here’s an amazing old ’63 Strat with a cool Lake Placid Blue-Burst refin from long ago! This guitar is a tone machine! The bridge pickup is creamier than your average Strat and when you start working through the selections you get gorgeous, harmonically rich vintage Strat tones. The refin must have been done a long time ago because it’s has a beautiful patina and heaps of checking with dings and chips from a lifetime of gigging!  The rosewood neck is full and round without being too fat. The Lake Placid Blue refin needs to be seen in person, as it darkens slightly towards the edges and it really draws you in; a very cool blue-burst job which makes me wonder, why didn’t Fender think of this? Pots are original and dates are 304-6302, the second week of 1963, original 3 way switch is still in the guitar too.  Pickups are original with their original Form-Var windings and sound beautiful!  Pickguard with shielding plate, neck-plate, tuners, trem arm, bridge, saddles, block and bridge-plate are all correct and plastic looks spot on too. (Except for trem arm switch tip; looks new.)  The finish on the neck is factory and worn just right, frets have been replaced with vintage size frets sometime in the past and have about 70% meat left on them, the headstock decal is original too. (There’s what looks to be a thumb print in the decal which looks like it was there from day one, maybe Leo’s? At least it looks like a thumb print to me; maybe wishful thinking?)  Body date is 1/63. Weight is a very reasonable 7.74 lbs. Prices for these old beauties is steadily rising and they are getting scarcer by the day; this is a great guitar with everything there except a body refin with no extra routes, what are you waiting for, hit the BUY button! Seriously, this is a lovely old Strat and whoever buys it will be very happy. Comes with Stamford Australia OHSC.



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