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Fender Stratocaster Olympic White - 1967

By Fender


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It’s the holy trinity when you pick up a vintage guitar that plays and sounds special. That was three things right? Anyway, this guitar embodies this sentiment. It plays flawlessly, and just when I think I’ve found my favourite pickup selection I go back to another and find it’s equally special. The love this guitar has received makes it look like a custom shop relic job, but it’s the real deal. Ironic I know but it’s worn beautifully.  I’m just going to say it. I love this guitar! You will too!  It features; original Olympic White custom colour, killer-feeling neck with big headstock and all parts are original.  The bridge pickup has been rewound, it’s had a recent refret and some rocket scientist has pushed the pickup pole-pieces flat but somehow it seems to work perfectly for this guitar! (Interesting to note, Fender actually did this to the pole-pieces 8 years later!)  Comes with OHSC.




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