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Fender Telecaster Blonde Refin - 1969

By Fender


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If anyone challenges the legitimacy of vintage guitar fandom, this guitar would provide the perfect response!  At over 50 years of age, it has loads of gorgeous vintage tone; a patina that can’t be faked, even though it is; (another awesome Ben Ling relic refin!), a slim-feeling neck with Custom Shop-like playability; courtesy of a pro refret. It’s the perfect player’s vintage guitar and priced accordingly. All spec sheets aside it really is just a cracker guitar! The changes? Sit down, get a cup of coffee, this might take a while! Full body relic refin and humbucker route fill, changed pickguard, Duncan pickup in bridge position, pots are changed but are old, the neck has been refinished, refretted and slightly shaved on the back, (Slim-ish C shape; still feels good!) it’s had other tuners on at some stage but an original set is on it now, strap pins are changed. These are all player changes made over the journey of a well-played guitar. The neck pickup, neck plate, bridge, control plate, tuners, neck and body are original. Yes, it’s a “Rolling Resto”!  Use it the way it is or save up and buy some more original parts as you go. Weight is 7.16 lbs.  Comes with a cool Stamford Australia original case.

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