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Fender Vibroverb Blackface - 1963-1964

By Fender

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This old Fender Vibroverb amp is everything that makes a great vintage tube amp desirable; it’s super-rare, it has those great blackface looks, Stevie Ray Vaughan used a pair of them, and it sounds absolutely fantastic! This particular one is an early version with the AA763 circuit, (it actually dates to 1963).  Think; warm character, harmonically rich reverb, gorgeously worn-in 15” JBL speaker, with that slightly saturated response; it’s magic! This one features all original black tolex, blackface facia and original grille cloth.  The JBL D130F speaker is a later add-in and is period correct. The output transformer has been changed to a late 60’s Fender transformer. All in all, this is a beautiful sounding amp and a great piece of Fender history!

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