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Fernandes Limited Edition Strat - 1989

By Fernandes

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Fernandes Stratocasters represent some of the best value on the secondhand market due to their consistent levels of high quality and workmanship. Great bodies and well-proportioned necks, good sounding pickups and overall reliable quality!  This particular example is a late 80's (c.1989) "limited edition model" featuring a black factory finish, including the back of the neck. Someone has lightly rubbed back the finish, maybe in attempt to do a home-relic job. It would probably come up well with a polish.

Looks like the pickups may have been white at some point but have been painted black!  Sounds great too with typical Strat tones and a nice resonant acoustic tone unplugged. We're calling it the new “blackie”!  Comes with a moulded hardshell case.


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