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G and L Legacy Belair Green - 1993

By G & L

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Firstly, what a cool colour!! Belair Green, is the name of the colour, and it looks fantastic! Clean condition and great playing, this guitar is quite traditional by G and L standards and represents a slightly evolved Strat having bigger frets and a very nice and sturdy G and L bridge. These bridges feel sure footed to me and also provides a point of difference to look at! The tones are high end as you’d expect with an overall warm rumble that could a result of the solid rosewood slab and arguably refined construction methods, yet it’s still definitely an awesome Strat! Plainly put, it rocks! The neck feels like it has a 70’s influence and the body is on the solid side of medium - also contributing to something special! If you’re after a different Strat, this is a must try!  No case.

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