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G & L Asat - 2003

By G & L

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A fantastic-playing and sounding guitar and it’s no surprise; If any man was going to make evolved improvements to a Fender guitar it was Mr Fender himself (Leo) with associate George Fullerton. I respect these guitars immensely - they are a continuation of the great guitars from Fender with improvements that, although not widely well-received by all, when you shut your eyes you hear and feel them! Take the bridge on this beast, for example - it’s solid and well machined and the strings are not interfered with after seating on the saddle. The pickups are smooth but with a little Tele grit, and they compress beautifully. Clean up your amp and these have a touch of P-90 about them with some nice zing. It really does sound fantastic! The neck literally drops into your palm and overall the whole thing has been well looked after. Comes with Original Hard Shell Case.

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