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Gibson 50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue Limited Edition of 25 - 2009

By Gibson

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A perfect Les Paul Standard!  Modeled after the infamous ‘59 Les Paul with historic details considered, this guitar is everything a Les Paul Standard is made famous for. I love a beat-up or worn guitar but if you want something that feels like it would have when the case was first opened in 1959, this might be as close as you can get. The neck has that perfect hand filling club shape, the medium frets are smooth and shaped beautifully. The beautiful Sunrise Bourbon Burst top, has seen hardly any play wear, the headstock is free from any dents and the back is almost immaculate! The pick guard has never been fitted and is in the case. This guitar has a gorgeous snarl in the bridge, mellow plunk in the middle and sweet soulful tones in the neck, all with the exquisite compression, warmth and zing that comes with top-shelf woods and craftsmanship! A medium weight and beautifully balanced at 8.76 lbs. 1 of only 25 made for Dexter Music Center, (USA) as a tribute the 1959 Les Paul Standard and, on its 50th birthday. This guitar is a cracker and is the kind of guitar we want to keep free of zips and belt buckles, but you’re welcome to come in and see how good it is! Comes with its OHSC, COA and heaps of case candy!

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