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Gibson Byrdland Sunburst (1969 Specs) - 1970

By Gibson


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Designed by Billy Byrd and Hank Garland, these wonderful instruments have a rich historical pedigree. Highly sought after for their consistently gorgeous tone courtesy of a spruce top and short scale configuration. The tone is lush, sweet and has a gorgeous pluck to it that is unique to a Gibson archtop with this shorter neck length. It is so comfortable to play! Jazz chords feel silky and easy and scale runs seem to be easy as well. The patina on this beast also shares a rich history, one that suggests a very well looked after guitar that has been cherished and played lovingly. Player’s wear and time have created a gorgeous look but there is no consequential damage or repairs that have been made.  This Byrdland is a transitional beast from 1969-70; it has 69 specs which pre-dates Gibson’s crazy Norlin era; a return to the rounded venetian cutaway, no "Union Made" written on the label inside but it has a “Made in USA” stamp on the back of the headstock which indicates 1970.  Before I put this one down I decided to put some dirt on it and crank it ala Ted Nugent; it sings with fine harmonic distortion and feeds back where you want it to!  I’m impressed and I can see why he uses one of these. (Mainly the sharp cutaway version).  Other noted players are Hank Garland, of course, Scotty Moore and many others.  I could really waffle (mmm, I already have) on about this guitar for a couple of days but I’ll leave something for the prospective buyer to discover for themselves!  Comes with a Gretsch hard shell case.

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