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Gibson Corvus I Modified - 1983

By Gibson

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Corvus happens to be Latin for the word “crow”, interestingly this thing apparently looks like a flying crow - I can see it!  It’s had a natural refin, an additional pickup added, pickguard and some very crafty switching with a 5 way setup that appears to switch between humbucker and single coil tapped options! It might look odd but once you pick it up and start playing it feels great! It has a very nice and familiar Gibson profile but Fender-style neck that somehow feels strangely at home on this unique design! The integrated bridge and Schaller tailpiece does its job well with a great sustaining tone. The cut out on the leg side sits over your… leg (you could see that coming couldn’t you?) really well! Something different, something cool; it’s super-light and is fun to play!  Comes with its original hard shell case. 

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