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Gibson EDS1275 Double Neck - 1996

By Gibson


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There’s a lady who’s sure, all that glitters is gold.............Ssssshhhhuuutttt-uuuppp!!!!  Sorry, don’t mean to sound like some kinda guitar-shop r-sole; BTW have you heard that song?  Well, here it is; double neck glory!  It feels like I’m playing some kind of mega mothership guitar and boy is it good fun! I can’t help thinking this guitar and a loop pedal could make for an epic one man guitar show! In their own right, each guitar (or do I say each half?) has an amazing tone of its own and the extra real estate each guitar connects to certainly ads a sustain and stability to the tone. To top it off, this thing isn’t heavy! It weighs 11.36 lbs; not bad for two guitars glued together! This is a very collectable and very cool guitar with some incredible tonal options!  Comes with Original Hard Shell Case. 


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