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Gibson ES-335TDC - 1961

By Gibson

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Here’s a lovely old ES-335 from 1961!  420 of these beauties were made in 1961, but only a handful had the Maestro Vibrola attached!  This is one of those! Pot dates are 134-6148, being the 48th week of 1961!  The awesome cherry finish shows some amazing checking in the lacquer; this guitar has been gigged and very much loved in the last 57 years!  The “Custom Made” plaque was a factory addition to cover up the holes where a stop tailpiece would be. So with this guitar, you could take off the Maestro and put a stop tailpiece on, no probs! (A lot of players prefer this.) This one has had a refret in the past and still has plenty of meat on the frets. The back of the neck has had a rub back of the lacquer but the actual neck hasn’t lost much meat at all; still feels great in the hand; an awesome slim taper neck!  the original PAF pickups are still intact in this one; What can I say about PAF pickups that hasn’t already been said? If you’ve heard PAF’s then you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about! These are two of the best that I’ve heard! Bridge output measures 7.86k, and neck pickup measures 7.70k. Weight is 7.94 lbs.  All in all, a cracker and very rare ES-335 from 1961! Comes with 2 cases; an SKB and a Stamford Australian Original case.

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