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Gibson ES-175 Natural - 1965

By Gibson


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Whilst demoing this guitar I noticed in the reflection of a nearby mirror that the top of this guitar has some slight flaming that is almost holographic as the light moves across it. That little bit of special grain really encompasses this guitar; It has a similar thing going on with the tone! Mellow and supple archtop tones with a slight sizzle as you dig harder! The face and the neck tremble ever so slightly as the air within soaks up the notes. This is an extremely well preserved example of Gibson’s revered 175 and was obviously loved so much it had a pro refret and a pro refin of the clear coat at some point. Natural ES-175’s were made in small numbers and always look just a bit cooler than normal, in my opinion.  It smells vintage, it sounds vintage, it feels vintage, and it plays amazingly good which is a testament to the build quality of this top-notch vintage piece! It reminds me of Jeff Beck’s ES-175 on the Les Paul rock and roll party DVD. Check it out on YouTube if you want to know what you can get up to with one of these amazing guitars!  Comes with OHSC.

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