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Gibson Firebird 12 - 1966

By Gibson

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Here's a cracker '66 Firebird 12 string electric. Approximately 272 of these 'Birds were made between 1965 and 1967. This one has a wonderful patina and body checking all over; a common trait of mid-60's Gibsons. The engine room of this old 'Bird features two great-sounding Gibson patent sticker mini humbuckers and under the hood sits the original pots and wiring. The pickguard is in excellent condition as many of these tended to crack real easily. Tailpiece and knobs are also original. A lovely feeling neck with a great-playing action makes this one a joy to play. Tuners appear to be original; double-line Kluson tuners with metal buttons.  It's also in great shape with no repairs or breaks!  The only player upgrade is the bridge that is now a 12 saddle bridge for better for intonation (The original bridge is in the case). All in all, this is a delightful 12 string electric guitar and a pretty collectible one at that!  Comes with a HSC (Hard Shell Case).
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