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Gibson Firebird III Non Reverse Body - 1965

By Gibson

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Another great vintage guitar from under the bed! (I’m imagining a bed that is balancing on top of a pile of vintage guitar cases and you need a ladder to get into it at night!). Clean as a whistle; they don’t come any better than this Non-Reverse Firebird from 1965. This is the year they transitioned from the reverse body to this cool non-reverse body. Three sweet-sounding P-90 pickups make this guitar stand out in the mix! One could collect this guitar as a fine piece of artwork that it is, or, one could simply just play it and enjoy it as the vintage guitar that it is! I think I’d prefer the latter! The neck feels amazing and the action awesome as well. This guitar is totally original with no issues at all; just a cracker mid-60’s Gibson! Comes with OHSC.



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