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Gibson J-50 - 1968

By Gibson


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Some guitars come along and break your heart, or your wallet. This is one of those; A fine, late 60’s Gibson J-50.  You can’t help but sing along when you strum a few chords on this thing! The neck is narrow at the nut (1, 9/16”) making it easy to play and very comfortable. Well, for my hands; it maybe too narrow for “Man-Hands” (think; Seinfeld) or if you have “Sausage-Fingers”.  Apart from that observation, this J-50 shakes delicately as you strum it and it plays easily all over the neck. This is definitely a “don’t think twice it’s alright” kinda guitar!  Condition is really good for its age with some light checking on the top, back and sides, and playability is excellent. There are some small gouges in the headstock, about 4 of them, and I can't work how they would have happened. Apart from those, this guitar is awesome.  Comes with its original soft shell case (OSSC).


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