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Gibson L6S - 1975

By Gibson

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This guitar is looking for a loving home after an interesting life. It doesn’t eat much, is very laid back, but will scream like a banshee when pushed!  The bridge pickup has been replaced with a ‘Select’ branded EMG pickup which has a cool, vintage 60’s PAF kind of sound whilst the neck is a grunty Dimarzio super distortion. The six way selector has been replaced for a standard 3 way switch and the black finish has been rubbed back partially but neatly on the top and sides, back to natural. Perhaps someone was trying to get that Malcolm Young look, as he used one of these in his earlier days with AC-DC. The cutaway has been left black and so has the neck. Although unusual, it works aesthetically and this guitar feels plays and sounds like a pawnshop pearl!  If you like the weird and wonderful world of modified player-grade guitars, (like I do), then this could be for you! Weight is 7.87 lbs.  Comes with HSC.




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