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Gibson Les Paul Artisan - 1977

By Gibson


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A beautiful old Les paul with a pancake body, dark stain, three pickups and unique ‘Artisan’ accoutrements. The aged binding looks amazing but has remained a cream colour where loving hands have spent their time playing all manner of music! Or perhaps just one manner of music, I’m not sure, but it looks, feels and sounds great!  The pickups have excellent vintage Les Paul tones and the weight is a nice hefty Les Paul as you’d expect without being a back-breaker! (10.24 lbs).  1469 of these were made in 1977, features are; 3 piece maple neck, ornate position markers and headstock inlay, pots are dates 7646; a later 1976 build but completed in 77?  Very possibly.  Gold parts have aged nicely, bridge has been changed, there’s a 25mm scratch on the treble bout and the case is not original, but, this guitar sounds beautiful and almost plays itself!  Awesome vintage guitar waiting to go to a good home.   

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