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Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburst - 1971

By Gibson

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Classic smooth-looking cherry sunburst Les Paul Deluxe with the “Gibson” embossed mini humbuckers usually found on 1970-1972 Gibsons. I love these the embossed logo pickups and I reckon they have something special going on, or it could be just me because they look so cool, maybe I just think they sound better? This guitar is a treat with these sweet pickups blending well with the warm, woody and honking tone we all know and love from a Les Paul. In fact as I play it more I’m surprised by the delightful spankiness (that’s definitely a word you can use describing a guitar!)  Condition on this one is very good and it’s very clean with no breaks, repairs or mods. The three-piece top is not as pronounced on this one like so many others I’ve seen from this era. Frets are in good shape with about 70-80% meat left. Weight is a normal 9.85 lbs.  Comes with OHSC.



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