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Gibson Les Paul Junior - 1960

By Gibson

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Here’s a guitar I once owned and gigged some 18 years ago! It’s been around a gigged by others and had more “player-grade” work done to it. Yes, it’s a “players” guitar and not one for the collectors but it has a cool vintage vibe to it! I’ll start with the changes it’s had over the years. It had two P-90 pickups years ago but now it’s back to one with an excellent route repair being covered up by a new pickguard and top refinish by Jim Cargill. At some stage it’s had a headstock repair where it lost its serial number and the pots have been changed. The P-90 is original and screams! It has a Badass bridge, changed tuners and knobs and it’s been refretted recently too. On the flip side, this one plays like a dream guitar with a killer-feeling slim taper neck and a P-90 to die for! If you want some vintage tone without paying over 10k this one could be for you! Comes with HSC.


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