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Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - 1953

By Gibson

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It’s always nice to play a piece of history but when it sounds and feels this good it makes you smile.  Like, I mean, you’re playing away, enjoying the delicate details and then a laugh of disbelief just bursts out! This is one of those guitars. It’s a privilege just to play it and the tone is incredible! Gorgeous tops, rich harmonic mids and a tight bottom-end when you combine both pickups, much the same but a bit more focus and honk on the bridge and a sweet mellow tone on the neck that still retains some of that P-90 bite. The neck feels fantastic, frets are original (50-60%) and the amazing finish is all original too.  There’s plenty of character too with checking and marking - somebody really cared for this guitar and used it plenty as well, and it does feel like it has plenty of stories to tell. A very magical instrument that is highly sought after, highly collectable and highly enjoyable to play!  Comes with its original brown hard shell case.

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