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Gibson Les Paul/SG - 1963

By Gibson

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We rarely see these old Gibson Les Paul/SG guitars so it’s a treat when one comes in!  From 1961 to 1963 the single-cut Les Paul underwent a massive change into what we now know as the SG. 1963 was last year when you could find a Les Paul/SG like this one (with Les Paul written on the truss rod cover), this is one of those guitars! This one has its original pickups; a  PAF in the neck and a Patent Sticker PAF in the bridge; this was a common occurrence around this era. The body has some amazing checking and wear with some fading on the top. The neck is a chunky C shape with 1 11/16 nut width and it plays beautifully all the way up the board. The PAF’s sound divine and the lovely deco-style side-pull vibrola doesn’t do a lot but what it does, compliments this amazing guitar. ABR1 bridge, nickel hardware, silver-cap knobs, 5 ply pickguard, original Kluson single-line tuners, original  electronics (pots are dated 47th week of 1962) and of course, that truss rod cover with “Les Paul” written on it, make this guitar a special treat!  (If this was edible, I think I would eat it! Might have trouble with the switch-blade trem arm though! ). These are a sleeper on the vintage guitar market, at the moment, and my vintage guitar crystal-ball says they’re going to go crazy in the next few years!  Comes with OHSC.

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