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Gibson Melody Maker Project circa 1961

By Gibson

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Here’s the bare-bones of a cool project for someone to take on! Circa 1961 Gibson Melody Maker neck, body, guard and tailpiece waiting for some extra parts to turn this into a rockin’ rat rod Melody Maker! Pickguard appears to be a repro but the neck and body are original. Tailpiece looks original but has the obligatory broken end although it still sits on the bridge post with no probs.  It’s had a white refin at some stage and that’s been sanded back to the wood except for routes and the very top of the headstock. Frets are jumbo’s and have plenty of meat on them and neck is nice and straight. Neck set is good and the neck itself has a great feel to it; It’s a reasonably fat (but not too fat) “C” shape. This would be a great project to get up and running, alas, if only I had some spare time…

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