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Gibson Nighthawk Special SP-2 Sunburst- 1998

By Gibson

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With its smaller shaped body and comfortable C shape neck, this Gibson Nighthawk Special is a winner on all counts! This guitar is in nice shape with no repairs or breaks. The neck feels deluxe and the set-up is perfect! The pickups are fantastic with a sweet-sounding mini humbucker in the neck position and a punchier full-size offset humbucker in the bridge position. In-between switching offers three more ultra-cool sounds!  Very versatile. I found myself playing this guitar a wee bit longer than normal as it feels and sounds good and kept on giving me some new musical ideas! (Hopefully there’s still lots more musical ideas left in this guitar and I didn’t take them all! ) Gold plated metal parts look very cool as well. Comes with a HSC.

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