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Greco Les Paul Standard EG-360 - c.1973

By Greco

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This one is like the little baby out of all the Greco Les Paul’s; it was intended to be the cheaper version with a bolt-on neck with cheaper tuners and pickups. At first I thought the pickups were the real cheaper versions with single-coils underneath the covers but upon plugging it in and having a play; boy was I wrong! They’re humbuckers and they sound real mean! Dark and powerful but not without tone; a lot of humbuckers can be dark and powerful and completely lack tone but these have something else going on as well. Pickups are an interesting animal; the way they vary so much can always keep you guessing. Anyway, enough digression; this is a real good guitar; plays great; neck is good, the set-up is good and it has a sound. What more do ya need?  Someone called AJ left his initials behind on the truss rod cover, condition is very good for its age, no major dings or repairs, the switch tip has gone missing as have two caps from the knobs but everything else works as it should. Comes with one of those cool brown 70’s Japanese gig bags too!

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