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Gretsch Duo Jet - 1955

By Gretsch

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If this is your taste (as is mine) then here is where dreams meet reality! Now before you roll your eyes, the weight, the neck, the pickups; the whole darn thing is just spot on! The neck is full but not oversized, kind of club-like but just a little wider. Frets are in great shape, courtesy of a pro-refret by our good friend Jim Cargill. This thing feels really at home playing jazz and rockabilly, but gets a delightfully rich grunt on the back pickup with some overdrive. Clean, the neck pickup is dark and smooth and it really doesn’t sound like anything other than a 55 Duo Jet, which it makes it a little hard to describe! Combine the two pickups and you get a lovely plunk that snarls when you hit it harder! These original pickups are well-balanced and have a smooth break-up. This Duo Jet has lovely sustain and gorgeous resonance too. The overall condition would have to constitute a high score; it has a few nicks but is in very good condition for its age. This is a fantastic, high grade vintage Gretsch! Comes with its original tweed hard shell case.



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