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Gretsch Duo Jet Reissue Black - 2012

By Gretsch

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I’ve always loved the look of a Duo Jet; with its sweet Les Paul induced shape but a little wider in the waist and a tad longer in the body. The Filtertron pickups sparkle in this guitar and the Bigsby adds a bit of extra dimension to the whole thing. Overall quality is exceptional as usual from the Terada factory in Japan and it really is just a great sounding guitar. (Even when unplugged!)  It’s setup real nice, frets are in great shape and it’s had a Tunematic bridge added for better intonation. There are some light pick scratches on the top above the bridge pickup which actually look worse in the pics but not overly noticeable while you’re playing the guitar. Other than those, condition is very good. It comes with its original green case.

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