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Gretsch G5191-BK Tim Armstrong Signature - 2012

By Gretsch

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I remember a film clip for a song called “Diamonds and Guns” really capturing my imagination. Tim Armstrong has one of these things slung low and it looks like an old mean Cadillac - Pure evil!!! But delightfully, this thing is probably better described as sounding like a piano! It’s gorgeous, big bodied sounding tone is enhanced by the long scale neck. This guitar is reminiscent of the Baldwyn era Gretsch’s that are now coming into vogue. The neck is a great sized D type and feels right given the size and vibe of the guitar. This guitar has had plenty of use and it’s a little rough and mean but not abused. I must say, I’ve never been a fan of matt black guitars, (I do like matt black cars though!), but this guitar looks awesome in matt black! Comes with a HSC.


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