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Gretsch Silver Jet 6129-62T Reissue - 2000

By Gretsch

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An absolutely stunning looking guitar in the flesh, this thing looks terrific, sounds terrific and plays terrific! It’s so well looked after there’s still plastic on the rear selector switch covers! The tone is that classic smooth and sweet Gretsch Filtertron tone. I know a lot of Gretsch nuts who love the TV Jones pickups, (which are great, don’t get me wrong), but you’re not listening with your ears if you think these Gretsch Filtertrons don’t sound just as good in their own special way. Personally I like the slightly cleaner punch these deliver and they break up really nicely when you hit them hard.  What a beauty! Gretsch V-Cut Bigsby looks amazing on this guitar too.  Comes with its original silvery-lined grey Gretsch case that is also really cool!


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