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Gretsch Traveling Wilburys Guitar TW-300T - 1989

By Gretsch

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These always struck me as a bit out of the blue for a Gretsch! I tell you what though, it doesn’t stop it from being a really cool guitar to play - it sounds brilliant! I got straight into “End of the Line”; you know, “well it’s aaaaaaaaalllllll right!” Yes I sang it out loud too but no one was listening, I hope, except maybe, my neighbours?  Oh well, I enjoyed it and the guitar nailed the sound. It’s a bit like a Melody Maker crossed with a Danelectro (what? Yes you’re right; probably more Dano) and the simplicity really works in its favour! The little switch puts the coils out of phase on the lone pickup which works to create a very bright, thin tone that would be good for layering tracks when recording!  A very likeable number from Gretsch that is becoming increasingly collectable! I read somewhere that no two screen prints on the top are the same; not sure if this is true and I don’t have the time to sit on Goggle images all day looking at all of them! Overall, a very cool collectible and usable guitar at a good price. No case.

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