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Gretsch White Falcon - 1962

By Gretsch

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As a bloke, I can attest that we can sometimes get obsessive over material things; no I hear you say!  Well, yes we do, things like cars, guitars, and, that’s about it really. I once got obsessive over Gretsch White Falcon’s and remember buying one from a nice guy in Paris; he had the “Big White Bird Bug”, as he would say and couldn’t help himself from buying them wherever he saw them!  Anyway, today’s new arrival is a Big White Bird; a Gretsch White Falcon from 1962!  A cracker guitar if ever I saw one. The sort of guitar that people who know nothing about guitars are taken aback by. And it’s for a pretty good reason; not only does this beast look amazingly impressive with its patina white original finish, worn gold parts, Cadillac “G” tailpiece, jewelled knobs, sparkle-binding, sparkle Gretsch logo and Grover Imperial Stairstep tuners, it’s a darn good guitar to play with an amazing tone to match its looks! Two wonderful original Filtertron pickups are perfectly matched with each other and offer some great sounds in all three positions; sweet bottoms, mids and highs! (Filtertron inventor, Ray Butts, was a genius!)  This old white bird has been played and loved and has a few changes such as, a later Nashville Tunematic bridge, typical pickguard crack from overtightening the screw and at some stage the neck has been refinished. It came in here years ago with the back of the neck rubbed back and I enlisted Master relic-refin man, Ben Ling, to refinish the neck and lightly age it to match the rest of the finish. There were no breaks or funny business on the neck when it came to us, just rubbed back in the playing position. The neck shape wasn’t changed either, it sports a slim, wide almost ‘61 Gibson-like feel. Vintage White Falcon’s were mainly custom-ordered back in the day and hence, weren’t made in big numbers. This one is a fantastic guitar, probably the best Big White Bird I’ve played and heard. It comes with its original hard shell case and is looking for a new owner to churn out a new batch of songs!

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