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Grubisa Lez Karski Blue Healer - 1989

By Grubisa

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A cool Australian made offset guitar with heaps of charm!  Lez Karski is a blues player from NSW and has been in bands such as Bondi Cigars, The Hippos and Nervous Investors. P90 pickups and a maple neck is a brilliant combination and it turns out, you don’t see enough of! The neck has been well played and feels incredible, it’s kinda like V shape club meets a Tele! The sanded back body resonates gorgeously and the guitar just sings with mojo! It’s had a few mods and a lot of play time. A very interesting guitar indeed! Feels great, plays great and sounds great!  Generally, anything Frank Grubisa makes is pretty darn good!  Comes with a HSC.


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