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Guild M-65 Freshman Short Scale - 1959

By Guild


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This little guitar is a beeeauty!!!  Straight away when I picked it up I could tell it was going to be a vibrant little blues/jazz box and it was!  Is!!!! I love these old archtops because you can hear the wood working when you play it and the age really comes through. The pickup has had a long time to shake and shake it does!! The heel of the neck seems to be formed from the back of the guitar, and looks very neat and well-constructed and even the little feet on the bridge sit so flush on the top you couldn’t poke a hair under them! The tuning buttons are in great condition and the club-like neck feels thicker than it is courtesy of the shorter scale. This is a very special vintage guitar in very nice condition and will certainly speak to the player and collector alike! Comes with OHSC


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