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Guyatone SG-42T - 1967

By Guyatone

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First look of this guitar and my impression is, wow, this thing is big; big and cool! This would have been a weird, (drug or alcohol-induced probably), homage to Rickenbacker guitars back in the day. The “F” hole caught my eye, not so much a “cat’s-eye” like Rickenbacker’s but more of an open “flick-knife” F hole. I like it!  Big shark-tooth style fingerboard inlays look cool as does the Guyatone logo on the truss-rod cover. Neck is thin-ish but still very comfortable; it’s not narrow at the nut which saves it from feeling toy-like. Frets aren’t very high but, probably around 50-60% meat but more meat higher up the fretboard; there’s a few grooves in them as well but not too bad. This would be ok to play like this at home or in the studio, but for gigging, I’d probably refret it.  Pickups look narrow and thin and I wasn’t expecting much from them but I was pleasantly surprised with their sound; not overly powerful but not weak either and they do have their own inherent tone. Middle position is out of phase and sounds pretty good. Tremolo works well but looks like something is missing from the top of it where there’s a hole. Overall, this is a fun guitar to look at and play but also has an interesting tone that could be very useful in a recording situation. No case.


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