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Hagstrom Standard 80 - 1962

By Hagstrom


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A killer Hagstrom from the early 60’s! Pearloid finish has seen better days but apart from that, this one plays great and the pickups shine with toneful enthusiasm! An old friend of mine used to say the body wood under the pearloid looked like it was made from a packing-crate! “The old packing-crate special” he would call it! Either way, it still resonates in a charming way and features the simpler P-24 pickup unit and the very un-amazing Tremar vibrato unit. I must say the pickups have a bit of poke to them on both neck and bridge settings and are more subdued in the middle position; lots of cool tones here! You’ve gotta love the pick holder on the back of the headstock too! Pure genius!  These are becoming super-collectable and don’t come up for sale very often. Comes with a gig bag.

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