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Hofner 164 Model - White Vinyl - 1964

By Hofner

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Occasionally we get guitars in that have done a few miles, so to speak, and this is one of those guitars. The pickups in this guitar sound pretty darn good!  Rich and bitey in the bridge position and sweet and punchy in the neck position, it plays well and the set-up is good.  All electrics work as they’re supposed to. Tuners have been changed at some stage and are made by Schaller.  The bridge has been moved back (to the correct place) and it could be that it was in the wrong place for a very long time.  The tremolo arm and mechanism are missing so now it’s become a tailpiece only; I guess if you found the parts you could bring it back to life. Weight is a reasonable 7.48 lbs. This one has the wonderful vinyl crocodile skin body covering which is kind of nice and grubby from years of playing and it also has the raised Hofner badge which is pretty cool. Overall this is a great player’s guitar so you can take it out and gig it and not worry too much about getting a ding in it. No case.

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