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Hofner Galaxie 176 - 1965

By Hofner

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A lovely vintage Hofner Galaxie with a body covered in vinyl crocodile skin! The front is white crocodile textured vinyl and on the back is black crocodile textured vinyl; the back’s embossing is a bit more pronounced than the front; I love kooky 60’s guitars!  Other features; there’s some nice flame on the back of the maple neck and pickups have been rewound and sound real good. There’s a trillion knobs and the electrics seem to work perfectly, which is unbelievable! (usually, there’s always one knob that does nothing!)  A good-playing example to boot. Frets are in pretty decent shape with hardly any grooves and a good 50 to 60% meat left and the set-up is good too.  The mute is intact and the tremolo works well.  I’ve always loved the fretboard position markers on these guitars; white pearloid with a tortoiseshell stripe going through the centre; something completely different to every other guitar that we see. All in all, this is a really good instrument; everything works and it looks amazing!  No case.

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